IKETH president Dr. Reinhild Traitler and treasurer Revd. Susanne Wolf retire at the IKETH Annual Conference in Crete, September 2016

Both Reinhild Traitler and Susanne Wolf retired after serving on the Board of IKETH since 2009.

For Reinhild IKETH was an important  platform for sharing, exchange and dialogue among Christian, Jewish and Muslim theologians, pastors and educators working in religious institutions. While IKETH grew out of an initiative of German Christian theologians, she worked to involve more women of other faiths, to make IKETH more interreligious and more European, and to enable young theologians to participate in IKETH. The Annual Conference 2014 which took place in Sarajevo was an important step in that direction.

Susanne had the difficult task of finding and administering the finances of IKETH and to establish relationships of solidarity with donors who believed in the intercultural and interreligious work offered by IKETH. 

IKETH General Assembly 2016 elects Prof. Ursula Rapp, Austria as new IKETH president

Ursula Rapp, professor of religious pedagogy at the University of Salzburg was elected as new president. Ursula brings with her a longstanding commitment to interreligious dialogue and a solid knowledge of its pedagogical aspects. IKETH welcomes Ursula and wishes her success and joy !

IKETh Board
Ursula Rapp, President, Austria
Drs. Martina Heinrichs, treasurer, NetherlandsĀ 
Naida Huskanovic, Bosnia and Herzegowina
Anne-Maria Van Hilst, The Netherlands