IKETh CONFERENCE 21-24 August 2008:
Women’s Interpretation of Scripture as a Resource for Interreligious Communication and Gender Equality in Europe.
Graninge Stiftsgård, Stockholm

The conference was arranged in cooperation with the Centre for Inter Faith Dialogue in the Diocese of Stockholm, where IKETh chairperson Helene Egnell is employed. It received generous support from the Lund Missionary Society (Lund missionssällskap) and the Women’s Desk and Research Department of the Church of Sweden, which allowed us to keep the conference fee at an affordable level.

29 participants, 4 Muslim, 1 Jewish and the rest Catholic and protestant Christians, from 7 European countries, gathered at Graninge stiftsgård, a conference venue owned by the Diocese of Stockholm (Church of Sweden) situated in the inner archipelago of the Baltic Sea. Conference languages were English and German. Lectures were given in either language, and written translations or abstracts in the other language were handed out.

Three scholars lectured on the conference theme from an Islamic, a Christian and a Jewish perspective: islamologist Luise Becker from the Center for Islamic women’s studies (ZIF) in Cologne, Dr. Reinhild Traitler-Espiritu from Zürich and Rabbi Lee Wax from London.
All three addressed the difficulties of working in the interstice of interpretation of holy texts, an androcentric hermeneutic tradition and feminist engagement, but also how holding these discrepancies together can lead to new, creative interpretations.

A bus tour in Stockholm with visits to three houses of worship was included in the program. In the Great Synagogue, inaugurated in 1870, we were received by the congregation’s educator Eva Aperia. The Cathedral, which counts its history from 1306, was shown by cathedral chaplain Sabina Koij, and in the youngest of these places, the mosque inaugurated in 2000, chairperson of the Muslim Council of Sweden Helena Benauoda was our hostess.

A Muslim Friday prayer, a Christian worship and a Shabat celebration were included in the conference program. At the end of the conference an interreligious ritual of farewell blessings, where the participants were encouraged to express their impressions through objects as well as written greetings, was held.
A full conference-report can be downloaded below.

All participants gathered at the terrace of Graninge
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